Section 9 Renewal

Renewal of Registration

Subject to the provisions of section 8, each registration may be renewed for periods of 10 years at the end of each successive 10-year period following the date of registration upon payment of the prescribed fee and the filing of a written application, in such form as may be prescribed by the Director. Such application may be made at any time within one year before the end of each successive 10-year period for which the registration was issued or renewed.

A Section 8 is also required with the renewal.  Trademark Compliance Service will assist with the filing by gathering all the information and filing on the Trademark Owners behalf.
The fee to file a Section 8 & 9 Renewal is:
USPTO fee for Section 8 Per Class: $100.00
USPTO fee for Section 9 Renewal per Class: $400.00
$375.00 is our fee to file.

Therefore in order to have us assist you with the filing of the Section 8 & 9 Renewal the fee will be $875.00 for a Trademark registered in one class.

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